Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring may finally be here!

After what seems to me to be a very late emergence from Winter to Spring, yesterday was an absolute beautiful Spring day.

Finally we were able to get the Jeep out of hibernation and take it for a little spin. Ahhhhh feels so good to hit some two-tracks again.
First up a little dirt and a whole lot of swamp. Next up...
Much more in the way of swamp..but a very nice view. We counted 10 geese and one muskrat that seemed bothered by us being there.

Unfortunately we only had one hour left to spare on our ride so we took a two-track that neither of us has had a chance to visit...and low and behold we ran across the White River. Due to recent heavy rains the river was very high. We could tell from the banks being so wet that the water really rose in this area.

We didn't want to leave this very quiet and tranquil area. So we trudged up what seemed like 100 hundred steps to the Jeep and decided our morning of fun was over. Back home for some back breaking yard work.

We managed to rake the last of the Winter leaves and decided enough was enough. Hit the deck ...yes we did. Sat on the deck for a couple of hours and enjoyed the smell of the steaks slowly cooking on the grill.

All in all it was a great "real" first day of Spring. The temps were a balmy 68 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

On the RV front.  We began looking at a few RV's of interest, and are not happy with the double doors we are seeing in some of the models. It still appears we are on track for a purchase next year. Cannot wait!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well..what is that old saying? Best laid plans

Well my plan was to update this blog monthly. And well that just didn't happen. No excuses! Simply we are continuing on with our plan to purchase the new RV next year. Our plan for the future is moving along as expected. Slowly and we both have feelings that it just cannot move fast enough.

We are still both working. Our jobs continue to be shaky at best. But we are riding out employment as long as possible. One step further to independence.

Unfortunately there is that nagging thought this could be the year...the month...the day that one of our jobs no longer exists. So Plan B. is always rolling around in the backs of our heads.

On to more pleasant news. And back to said RV...we are gathering as much information as possible about RV's, full-timing, and part timing for the many wonderful blogs, that I read daily. Funny how one can live vicariously through the many blogs I have been following...The ability to gather information on lifestyles, campgrounds, budgets and other vital details have proven to be both entertaining as well as informative.

That said..we are slowly getting the feel to what we want in an RV. The type of truck needed to haul said Rv. I am enjoying finding the perfect one. And we continue to not be swayed into jumping a year earlier into the purchase of one.

Now onto 2013 and the grand plans we have this year. I am really excited about a return visit to Beaver Island, Mi. Enjoyed our 4 day stay there, 2 years ago...we are ready for some "island time". We are in the process of checking into a small road trip to Indiana this year. Have some sights in mind and I hope to add more to this blog about this great getaway...(I know)

Weather here has been a little on the wild side..But this is Michigan. Heavy lake effect...temps near 60...massive melt off of snow leading to flooding. It has been quite a week.  This is a view from the comfort of my window. Sorta crazy! Even by Michigan standards.

Well to those I have followed...thank you for the fun and exciting adventures you are blogging about. I am looking forward to participating more and hopefully Plan B. comes into play soon enough. :)