Sunday, December 27, 2009

Living up to the promise (Bzz Agent)

Let me begin with likely the favorite of all my freebies/trial/PT's sources. Bzz Agent. I have been a member of Bzz Agent for about 3 years now..Bzz Agent is a word of mouth company where you normally are given a product to keep and its your turn to spread the word about that product.

Typically you are asked to spread the word to as many people you it co-workers, family, friends, etc.. Get their responses (how they liked/disliked the product..any comments about the product) and report it back to Bzz Agent in the form of a report.

Minimum reports requested from Bzz Agent is two...But these reports really need to be very detailed. Points are given from Bzz Agent to Mypoints (another online way to earn freebies..more to come on MyPoints). A good report earns you 50 points. A excellent or exceptional report will earn you 55 My points. And no points are award for a bad report.

I guess the best part of Bzz Agent is the product itself..this comes via USPS or UPS and you typically will receive with the, samples and a bzz guide. The Bzz guide is a helpful brochure that details the product. Gives ideas on how to "bzz" the product and encouragement to do the "bzzing"

In the past some of my campaigns (this is what your product that you are bzz'ing is called) have included such things as a Sonic care toothbrush, Aveeno Shampoo, Logitech remote. These are items I have kept and treasured thanks in part to the company I was "Bzz'ing" and Bzz Agent.

I hope you check Bzz Agent out and give it a try..I have had such a positive experience being a agent..I think you will too..
My New Years resolution this year is to create this blog..wish me luck!!